Senior Art Assignment

The senior year of school is one that many kids look forward to. It is the year most kids turn 18 years old and finally graduate. It is the age that a child finally becomes an adult. At Southern California Art School, it is essential that a student’s artistic ability is tested before they enter into the real world. In doing this, teachers are more able to see the skills students have acquired while attending this school. This senior course will emphasize the elements of art and the principles of design, foundation in design, and drawing. In their senior year, the students will be required to design their own 18th birthday invitations or sweet 16 invitations if they graduate early and graduation announcements. Since these students attend an art school, it only makes sense to challenge them by giving them the assignment of designing their own 18th birthday invitations and graduation announcements. This can ultimately test all of the skills they have learned in their other art classes in previous years. Since this is an upper level senior art course, you will be expected to design and execute your own projects with minimal teacher instruction. While this is meant to be an assignment that requires you to use your imagination and artistic skills, it should also be a fun assignment that lets your creative and personal side shine through.

Southern California Art School takes great pride in challenging a student’s artistic skills and abilities. In order to do this, it is necessary to require students to complete assignments that will engage their minds. Two of these assignments involve creating 18th birthday invitations and graduation announcements. Celebrating an 18th birthday is an exciting time of a person’s life. This age gives a person a rite of passage to many things that they were not allowed to do before. For this reason, most students will want to celebrate their 18th birthday. In order to let friends and family about the celebration, it is important that you create and design your own invitation. This will test your art abilities, as well as challenge you. As an art assignment, it is imperative that you let your creative side flow freely. To make your own custom invitation, you can first brainstorm the ideas of what you envision your invitation looking like. Decide what type of designs you wish to be placed on your invitation, as well as what colors you want the font to be. After you have put pen to paper with the ideas that came to mind, you can then utilize the internet to find resources that can help you with designing your invitation. The main goal in creating the invitation is to spark an interest in the invitees so that they will be interest in reading the information. For this reason, you need to make sure that the invitation you create is as visually appealing as possible.

Senior year is an exciting year for students. It is the year when everything they have worked so hard for finally comes together and they are ultimately rewarded for all of their hard work. Graduation is a very special and important part of the life of a student. For graduation, you will want to have your family and friends in attendance to congratulate and celebrate with you for all of your hard work in school. To inform your family and friends about your graduation, you will create and design your own graduation announcement, just like you will with your 18th birthday invitation. Since this is a graduation announcement, you will want to make it look a bit more professional than the birthday invitation you create. You will still want to brainstorm the ideas that come to mind regarding how you envision your graduation announcement looking like and you will still want to make it as visually appealing as possible so that you will spark the interest of the people you invite, as well as showing off your artistic abilities. If you need to use the internet to get inspired by ideas, you may do so. There are several websites and resources that will help you with ideas and gain a good understanding of what a good birthday invitations and graduation announcements would look like. However, you should realize that you should not depend solely on the internet to help you with the assignment. Since you are an art student, it is critical that you come up with your own design ideas using your artistic mind. Many people like to use their own photos when creating their graduation announcement, and this is perfectly fine. However, you should also come up with a design, as well as words, that will stick out to those who pick up your invitation. At first glance, they should so visually inspired by the front of the announcement that they want to immediately open it up to read what is inside.

By creating exclusively personalized invitations, you can be assured that your guests will be inspired by your distinctive and elegant style, as well as your artistic abilities. The assignment of creating your own birthday invitation and graduation announcement is a way to piece together all of the things you have learned in previous art classes. You are encouraged to experiment with new art making techniques and processes as well as further explore familiar ones. By having the opportunity to create your own birthday invitation and graduation announcement, you will be able to show that you are a leader in the art room because of your art experience and artistic maturity. This is meant to be a fun assignment that will help you explore who you are as an individual and allow you to bring out your own creative style. To excel at this assignment, all you have to do is reinforce what you have learned in art school regarding design, drawing, and color. In doing this, you will be able to create an exceptional 18th birthday invitation and graduation announcement that will ultimately blow your friends and family away, as well as helping you receive an exceptional grade.